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The Washington fit is a masculine cut with peak lapels and structured shoulder, this 2.5-button suit carries a ticket pocket and a slightly longer jacket. The high rise flat front trousers bring everything together for a stylishly tailored appeal.

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Structured shoulder

Perhaps no other feature gives a suit jacket a strong and masculine character as a well structured shoulder. It's padded shoulder, the most structured we make, gives the Washington a strong profile and defined form.

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peaked lapel

A peaked (or pointed) lapel is a style of lapel that carries upwardly pointed corners. As one of the earliest styles of lapel cuts, peaked lapels have found their way into traditional attire. Though, today, peaked lapels are seen on a vast range of contemporary styles like this Washington fit. The peak lapels accentuate the masculine profile while keeping the appeal of its timeless charm in tact.

2.5 button jacket

The Washington jacket is constructed with 2.5 buttons. A 2.5 button jacket is a jacket with 2 fully visible buttons and one button on the rolling lapel that is only partly visible. Though the button and buttonhole are functional you are not supposed to use this button.

Washington fit features

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