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Our shirts are divided into three lines: Blue, Purple and Red; each featuring its own combination of unique details and fabrics from the world's most distinguished mills.

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Our Regular Fit is relaxed throughout the chest and sleeves, and carries a slightly slimmer waist. Our Slim Fit shirts feature a more slender chest and hip, and are gently tapered at the waist. Our Extra Slim Fit is tailored close to the body with narrower sleeves and slightly higher armholes.

Our Lines
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Blue Line

Blue Line shirts are made from long staple cotton in a durable two-ply weave; a process of creating threads by twisting multiple yarns to add strength. Furthermore, our Blue Line shirts offer a variety of sartorial features that combine aesthetics with comfort.

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Purple Line

In addition to all Blue Line features, the Purple Line offers an even greater range of classic and innovative fabrics - including the finest Egyptian cotton - sourced from Italy's top-rated mills, like Tessitura Monti, Cotonificio Albini, Canclini and Leggiuno.

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Red Line

Red Line shirts feature the finest yarns from top mills, primarily the legendary Thomas Mason. Spun from 100%, extra-long Egyptian cotton staples, Red Line shirts are smooth, silky, naturally lustrous, and come replete with detailed sartorial accents.

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