Jort Traveler Suit

Online exclusive If there’s anything our sartorial historian Jort hates, it’s a wrinkled knee pit or a messy crotch. Hence his new Traveler Suit. Up for wrinkle-free travel? Check!

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Jort Spring/Summer 2015
Meet Jort

Jort is a man who understands that style isn’t just about cutting nice clothes out of a bolt of fabric: it’s an appreciation of our culture, and our collective past. And from travel suits to blazers to a pair of plaid trousers, everything here bears the mark of history—the thinking man’s approach to fashion.

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Jort F. Kennedy?

The hopsack jacket was one of Kennedy’s signature styles, favored by the president for its slimming lines and stay-cool fabric for weekends spent yachting in New England, and quickly became a mainstay of preppy Ivy style after that. Our version is a tip of the hat to that tradition, updated for 21st century regattas.

It's all in the details

As befits a historian, Jort’s suits never overlook the details, which is why they are inspired by the generations-old tradition of Neapolitan suiting: techniques handed down from father to son in the storied city of Naples. All the famous hallmarks are included here, such as a lightweight, full floating canvas construction and hand-pleated shoulders.

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Jort Spring/Summer 2015
Blazer de Luxe

Double-breasted jackets have origins in peacoats and uniforms for naval officers. The style eventually made its way to the suits of ‘30s era Hollywood stars, all the way to our modernized, unlined blazer, loosely woven in lightweight Hopsack cotton from the 93-year-old mill of Larusmiani in Italy.

Keep it cool

Changing temps call for duds that can handle the climate. The Jort collection’s unlined jackets, patch pockets, and Larusmiani cotton-linen fabrics combine to make a paired jacket and trouser that will go from blazing afternoons to sunset evenings with sweat-free élan.

The cream of the crop

The only shirt a gentleman used to wear was stiff, starched, and white. In the early 20th century, a battle raged between conservatives and soft-collared rebels, until the tides of fashion finally won out. Now our approach is more relaxed, but no less refined: Jort’s shirts come in the king of thread count, Egyptian cotton, or mixed with French linen and sumptuous Sea Island cotton.

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Jort Spring/Summer 2015

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